Vip club

Big things have small beginnings. Even the great treasure hunters were once just random expedition companions. To become a real hero of the epic, you must pass more than one road, inhale kilograms of dust, and overcome many challenges. So be a part of a great adventure! Play your favourite slots at AWINTURA regularly, collect points and upgrade your status in the Loyalty Program to get more profitable offers and benefits!

Status Map

1. Scout

Your points0

Exchange rate400 : 1

30% bonus on any deposit
24/7 Support
Savings 3%

2. Nomad

Your points100

Exchange rate350 : 1

Doubling points for 30 minutes
40% bonus on any deposit
Savings 3%

3. Explorer

Your points500

Exchange rate300 : 1

Triple points for 2 hours
Supreme Hot 10 freespin
50% bonus on any deposit
Savings 3%

4. Captain

Your points2 500

Exchange rate250 : 1

Bonus25 $

Shining Crown 10 freespin
Double points for 1.5 hours
Cashback 5% weekly
60% bonus on any deposit
Savings 3%

5. Hunter

Your points12 500

Exchange rate200 : 1

Bonus50 $

Money as a gift
Double points for 2 hours
30 Spicy Fruits 15 freespin
Cashback 5% weekly
70% bonus on any deposit
Savings 4%

6. Emperor

Your points25 000

Exchange rate150 : 1

Bonus100 $

Expedited withdrawal
100 Super Hot 20 freespin
80% bonus on any deposit
Cashback 10% weekly
Triple points for 1 hours
Savings 4%

7. Adventurer

Your points50 000

Exchange rate100 : 1

Bonus250 $

Triple points for 2 hours
Wheel of Fortune spin
Burning hot 25 freespin
VIP talisman for 7 days
Advanced statistics of your personal account
90% bonus on any deposit
Cashback 10% weekly
Savings 5%

Your Privileges

The higher the level, the more valuable privileges you get.

  • Money prizes
  • Free Spins
  • Cashback (return of lost money)
  • Gift points
  • Converting points to real money
  • Double or triple the points obtained
  • VIP-mascot
  • Free spins on the Wheel of Fortune

We provide rewards for all your actions such as adding funds to your account, placing bets, and earning points. You will receive bonus money for adding funds to your account and earn points for every bet you place. We also cover the withdrawal commission when you earn money. Additionally, if you experience losses, we offer cashback to recover some of your lost money. It's important to note that the rewards we give you, such as Cashback, tournament and lottery winnings, and points exchange, do not require any wagering and are treated the same as the money you add to your account. This is our way of being transparent and fair to you.